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Personnel Plus is a lifesaver for employers.

Finding and hiring the right employee is a complicated and skillfull process. Personnel Plus has extensive experience and practice in executive and permanent placement, temporary services, and employee leasing. Hiring through Personnel Plus will eliminate advertising costs and the time-consuming process of screening applicants! By concentrating on the Alaskan market, our overhead is low and the savings are passed on to you. Interviewing new applicants on a daily basis allows our agency to select the appropriate candidates to meet your needs. Extensive screening, reference checking and testing are performed on each applicant prior to any referrals. It is our policy to respond immediately and refer the most qualified candidates to fill a position.

We recruit both locally and nationally to find the right match between employers and applicants. We specialize in giving clients and applicants personal attention. Interviews can be scheduled away from your office to avoid disruption and to maintain confidentiality. We believe in getting to know your business and your goals so we can help you meet them “one employee at a time”. When your company needs the right person to quickly fill a position, Personnel Plus is the right choice. Fees vary and are based on job description and annual salary. All fees are paid on a contingency basis. If you do not hire one of our candidates, you pay nothing. Personnel Plus guarantees each of our permanent placements in writing. With no risk, why not see the best the marketplace has to offer.

We recruit locally and nationally to find the right match.

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PERSONNEL PLUS's dedication and commitment to personal attention is what sets us apart and makes us the perfect solution for your employment needs. With over 25 years of performance for both job seekers and employers alike, Personnel Plus has established a variety of services to accommodate the needs of Alaska’s workplace. Personnel Plus is a lifesaver for employers. Finding and hiring the right worker is a skill. It requires experience and practice and mistakes are costly. Personnel plus can help. Services for employers include Executive and Permanent Placement, Temporary Services, and Employee Leasing.