job placement with
Personnel Plus.

These temporary job placements are for positions that need to be filled on a temporary basis. This type of thing can come up during a regular employee's vacation, an illness, a training session, or for that special project that needs a little extra help. We offer employees for hire at a minimum of four hours per day. Personnel Plus fulfills the responsibilities of employee tax, workers compensation and insurance. We will bill you an hourly rate based on the need of each individual position. If you are not satisfied with the temporary employee within four hours, we will replace that person at no cost to you. You can trust the best temporary staffing company to get the job done!

We offer employees for all of your industrial & labor needs. Our employees have skill sets ranging from light industrial to highly technical for as little as four hours per day. With our extensive resources and applicant pool we are able to fill Specific Industry Positions. If your company is in need of a permanent employee, yet you are hesitant of hiring immediately, may we suggest our “Try Before You Hire” or “Working Interview” plan.

All employment fees are 100% tax deductible!