At Personnel Plus, we take pride in our reputation.

Please fill out an application and submit with your resume to the appropriate office location via email or fax:

Anchorage: E-mail | Fax 907-561-7158

Fairbanks: E-mail | Fax 907-452-7585

Resumes are an essential requirement to our application process. Please make sure your resume is current and represents you professionally. All qualified candidates that meet or exceed the requirements of the position will be contacted to set up an interview with a recruiter. All candidates are required to fill out a Personnel Plus application as well. You may download either one, professional or labor, from this website. If you have any questions about the application process feel free to contact our office in Anchorage 907-563-7587 or Fairbanks 907-452-7587 . Last but not least: Please come appropriately dressed for a professional interview.

There are no applicant fees for our services!