Employee Leasing

Administrative tasks such as payroll, taxes, and mounds of paperwork are a bane for all business sizes. These tasks take hundreds of hours away from management of day to day business and impact you and your business in immense ways. You are an Alaskan business owner with a lot on your plate and you shouldn't have to worry about Human Resources as well. With employee leasing you are able to focus on what’s most important to you.

What is Employee Leasing?

Employee leasing is a unique approach in order to address issues in small, medium, and large sized businesses regarding HR. Essentially, workers are employed by a professional employer organization(PEO), who is responsible for all HR administration duties, who work specifically for your company. Employee leasing allows the business owner to outsource their HR department to a PEO in order to focus on their day to day business unconstrained with HR responsibilities. These PEO’s focus on all HR duties that a company needs like manage state and federal regulations, payroll, W-2 forms, and other paperwork.

So how does Employee Leasing work?

Essentially, your workers will become the PEO’s employees. The only difference now is that you are able to focus on your day-to-day tasks without worry of HR responsibilities. By no means will you be giving up your decision making or authority, you will still be able to hire, terminate, and make decisions as before.

How do I know Employee Leasing is right for me?

Employee Leasing is a service any sized business can use. It is best to use Employee Leasing when your responsibilities aren’t for just your business anymore, and an HR specialist is too cost prohibitive. Here at Personnel Plus, it is our goal to make sure this is an investment for your time. If you are curious about Employee Leasing, for any reason, give us a call.